Saturday, June 2, 2012

I've gone blond!

While you all may think I have dyed my hair. This is not the case. But
 sometimes I think I have by the comments that I get from my latina
 friends. Brown is the blond of central america. One of my friends has
 asked me at least 2 times if my hair is natural. So if you re
 considering dying your hair blond, dont. Just move to Central America.
 Of course the HIGH LIGHT of this week was seeing ELDER BENJAMMIN
 PEARSON!!! Right before I was in the middle of teaching a lesson and
 could see out the window where he would be coming in. Our lesson wasnt
 over but I saw a tall handsome man with a dark green back pack walk by
 and I started freaking out inside. I looked at my companion and we
 quickly closed the lesson. Then I ran out in the hallway and hugged
 Ben!!!!! It was amazing seeing him. We both started crying because we
 were so happy (I hope you dont hate me for saying that Ben). Ben has
 always been amazing, but this mission has truly changed him in such a
 good way. We had 45 minutes to spend talking. His spanish is so good
 that he forgot some english words. I was so grateful for the
 opportunity to see my brother!!! Families are forever. The next day I
 also got the chance to meet the Broughs (Ben's mission president and wife)

 and Elder Child and Rivasbecause they were at the MTC picking up all the 
new missionaries. It was so fun!  Ill write more in a couple of minutes.

More news from this week. My companion and I have been called to be
the coordinating sisters! That means were in charge of helping 29
sisters from the United States, Honduras, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico,
Argentina, El Salvador, and the DR understanding how things work
around here and get them integrated. They are all so wonderful. One of
my roommates really wants to learn English because she is going to be
a doctor someday so we help each other. It has been quite the task
trying to communicate and help the latin sisters but I feel like the
language is coming and for the most part Im able to communicate. On
wednesday of this week we got to go out in the city to a 3 story
market and also contacting on the city square and go to Wendys. I got
to share the message of Jesus Christ with 3 different people and give
away some copies of the book of mormon. CONGRATS ON GRADUATING

Hermana Pearson

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