Monday, July 2, 2012

Culture Shock!

 I was just given thecalling of coordinating sisters a week ago. I dont have tons of
responsibilities every day. Just little ones and look for ways to
serve the sisters. . I heard an amazing quote this week.
* Dont pray for lighter burdens, Pray for a Stronger back. Remember
Ether 12. 27. This Monday I get to go contacting in the city for 3
hours! The nerve wracking thing is that Im going out with my companion
that doesnt speak much Spanish. The comforting thing is that I will
have the Holy Ghost to help me speak. But Im still nervous to not have
a latina companion! So far I have seen the Lord help me though so it
will be great. Dad asked about the culture shock. So far the only
thing that has been crazy to adjust to is the layed back latin culture
where the schedule gets changed all the time and people are late. even
teachers at the CCM. another thing is the touch barrier. there isnt
one. The sisters are amazed that I have a magnet nametag and will
reach inside the very top of my shirt to look at it. hmmmmm.....not
something im used to. but just the culture. Elder Martino that is a
part of the area presidency came this week and it was AMAZING. He
really motivated me and taught me how to be a better missionary and I
could understand most of what he said in Spanish. Its getting easier
to understand most of what people say here in the CCM. On the streets
its a different story. While contacting by the Guatemala temple the
other day, my companion and I ran into an investigator---Byron. He
talked about how he was so excited to get baptized and how he had a
firework inside of him. I asked him if I could share one of my
favorite scriptures with him. Mosiah 2. 41 to help give him strength
before his baptism. When I opened my scriptures to share them he
wanted to use the ones he just bought at the distribution center
instead. The way he opened that book and smoothed the pages down as he
turned them was like he was handling a precious baby that he might
hurt. It really made me appreciate the sciptures more and their words
of comfort, strength and salvation even more. Im sending you a letter
soon. and Ill write more about that experience. I love all of you and
just remember.....the gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest news!!!!

Love Hermana Pearson

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