Wednesday, June 19, 2013

March 11 - Time is flying by!

Hey family!
Well this week was SO much better. Thank you for all your advice on how to act with my companion. While Im learning a lot about how far I have to go with developing Christlike attributes, Im also learning a lot about forgiving others and forgiving myself at the same time. I love what dad said about how every human being just wants to be understood. I have hard really hard to understand things from her point of view, be a lot more patient, and not stress out as much when I dont agree with something she wants to do. Its going a lot better and were working a lot more being guided by the spirit.
I am really seeing here in Ocotal how much older couple missionaries can make SUCH a difference in missionary work. The Chavarrias are helping the mission president by serving in whatever area needs help in the mission. For right now Hermano Chavarria is the branch president and it is amazing how much he is helping people learn how the church is organized and how to teach and minister to the people. They offered to have an FHE in our house.  We live on the second floor and they had the Family Home evening  on the main floor with a bunch of our recent convert families. About 20 people showed up and The Chavarrias and us taught them how to do an FHE and were doing another one tonight. Its so good for the families to get training because its not likely they would do it without knowing how.
This week we have been working hard to find new families and are having some success little by little.
Camilo and Marixa have a baptismal date! They are going to get baptized this Saturday along with the daughter of Hermana Justina and her husband.....the elders have been teaching them.... and another family the elders are teaching. Just some background info, Camilo and Marixa are the parents of Adali and Adali is the husband of Justinas daughter. Justina and her husband Santos are a great example of a couple that embraced the gospel and prays and works with all their hearts by being good examples for the rest of their family to accept it. Hermana Justina and Santos were baptized last June, their daughter Karen in September, their daughter Tania and Adali in October, and now Keyla and Arnulfo are getting baptized. Adali also invited his cousin Omar to church and he has been coming for about a month and a half and will hopefully get baptized this Saturday as well.
Were getting really excited prepping to go this Sunday to watch the sessions of the temple dedication in Honduras. A lot of our converts are coming and it will be very spiritual for them to hear church leaders speak including an apostle of the Lord.

Well I know that the Lord loves us despite our weaknesses. If we work hard and trust in him, everything always works out. I sure love this work and I love and miss you all a lot!


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