Wednesday, June 19, 2013

March 4, 2013 - A week of hard work

Well hey fam,

Thanks for all your love and support. Its always so fun to hear how everyone is doing and hear about whats going on in your lives.
Well after a week of so much joy and happiness, this week was difficult. I continue to struggle to find out how I can be more unified with my companion and were having struggles finding families that are receptive. But despite all the hard experiences, we had some really great experiences too.
Im amazed at the faith and humility of Javier and Claudia. They have jumped right in to being a part of the church. They are already making friends and already knew some of the strongest members in the church. Last Monday, Satan attacked them hard. One of Javiers cousins that has been studying the bible for two years and knows it really well found out that Javier was baptized and decided to come over and attack him with words about a half hour before we came over. He sat down in front of Javier and Claudia and said, "Read this verse!" Claudia said that she could read it because JAvier cant read. The cousin said, "No he has to read it." Well this really frustrated Javier and he tried to defend himself and got angry and started fighting with his cousin and his cousin started telling him that he got baptized too fast, etc, etc. When we arrived Claudia was removed from the situation reading the Book of Mormon and Javier was upset. We sat down with Claudia and Javier and then the cousin started attacking us with questions and trying to confound us. Claudia asked if we could just go to the church and we all went. Claudia started crying and said that Javiers family(whom they live with) have just been telling them how wrong they are when they already know they have done the right thing. Thankfully this week, the family has layed off of them and they continue to be faithful. The other day, Javier was practicing how to read and told me, "I have the faith that Im going to learn how to read." They are amazing. So another funny and awesome thing about them. We were teaching about the law of the fast and explained it was the first Sunday of every month. They said, "What its not every Sunday?" Apparently, every time since they started coming to church they have been fasting. Awesome.

Were teaching CAmilo and Marixa, the parents of Adali. Camilo already has accepted baptism and were praying that Marixa will receive and answer soon. She has been baptized in the Catholic church and an evangelical church, and still doesnt understand the authority but hopefully she will get her answer and they will be baptized this Saturday or the next. Camilo is so awesome, he was a visitor and gave the prayer in priesthood- Elder Kasper told me he gave it like he has been a member his whole life. The Lord really does prepare people to receive the gospel.

Well I really love this work and I love how the lord is making me an instrument to bring the joy of the gospel to others. Im one blessed and lucky girl to know the things I know and have the family and friends I have.

Hermana Pearson

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