Saturday, December 29, 2012

A week of Miracles

Im glad to hear everyone had a great Thanksgiving. For Thanksgiving dinner I ate maduros and a toasted bread pastry. I thought about buying a turkey from one of our recent converts and killing it with my district for about 40 dollars, but there just wasnt enough time.

This week was full of little miracles. Lets start with Christian. Christian didnt go to church last Sunday because someone called and he went to play baseball instead because they needed him as the pitcher. When we went to visit him this week he told us how guilty he had felt that he didnt go and felt he really needed to go this week. One night we passed by his house and waved to him and saw that he had all of the pamphlets and Book of Mormon on his lap and he was going through and marking them---a missionarys dream! When we visited him the next day he told us how he had stayed up til midnight reading and marking all of the scriptures in the bible and book of mormon. When we invited him again to church again he said he was for sure going. I told him that Satan always tries to put things in our path to keep us from doing the right thing to remind him to stay committed and he told us an experience he had the day before. First of all Christian makes furniture and business has been really poor lately. A man asked him one day to help him with some work on Sunday morning. Christian told him know because he knew he needed to go to church. He came to all the meetings on Sunday and seemed to learn a lot. Its so refreshing to see people exercising faith!

Next Meyling and Felix. We taught them the law of chastity this week and were pleasantly surprised that this young couple is already married which is very uncommon here! I always feel the spirit strong while teaching them. The biggest problem that we have when we arrive at their house is that their 1 yr. old Kimberly cries when she sees strangers. She cries so hard that she falls asleep. Its sad, but funny. Ayways....Felix didnt firmly committ to coming to church unfortunately because he drives a bixi and Sunday is one of the best days of work but Meyling was committed to coming. When I got to her house Sunday morning she said, "Ill come next Sunday because I have to go get some vegetables with my grandparents." Good excuse, I know. I tried to convince her to go and promised some blessings but she said she would come the next Sunday. Both Hermana Chinchilla and I arrived to church with no investigators and we were bummed because we had worked hard teaching and committing people all week. But in the end, 5 investigators came to church! The miracle is that Meyling was one of them. She told Hermana Chinchilla she wasnt going to come and then thought, " No its better that I come" and she came! And  Kimberly didnt even cry. Unfortunately Felix didnt come, but we will work with him :)

Next Xiomara. We have been praying for a while that Xiomara would find a place to live so she could leave her horrible situation. We came on Wednesday to teach her and nobody was there. We talked to her neighbors (the relief society president) and she said that Xiomara left in the night and asked for our phone number to contact us. We kept waiting for a phone call and never got one but kept praying she would come to church so we could find her. Late on Saturday night, we were walking along and a little boy said, "Hola hermanas" and I said, "Hola" and realized it was Sebastian, Xiomaras 3 yr. old! We looked up and saw Xiomara and she was SO happy to see us. She has found a place to live for now and a little work (pray for her to find more) and is now going to be baptized on Sunday!

Unfortunately Jorge cant receive the priesthood after being interviewed by president because he has some things to work though. But were hoping President can work with him. But little Jorge is going to be baptized the same time as Xiomara this Sunday. Im so excited for them!!! Jorge is reading the Book of Mormon and has already learned a couple of articles of faith.

A little thought, do you ever underestimate the impact of your words on others? I sure do. But the words we say can really change the perspectives of others and help people more than we will ever know. Have I told you about Hermano Antonio? He is one of the first converts here in Nagarote and has been a member for 14 years. One Sunday I was feeling sad because we hadnt taken that many investigators to church. Hermano Antonio came up to me and started telling me what a great missionary I was and how maybe I am not helping many families come into the church here but how Im going to go to other areas and bring many souls unto Christ. I hadnt said anything to Hermano Antonio about how I was feeling. Maybe he didnt feel like the spirit prompted him to talk to me. He just decided to say what he felt and express his love for another person and acted on it. We never know the impact our words can have. I hope you all remember to express your love for others. Thanks for your love and support. I really appreciate it.

I know that this is the work of the Lord. I know that Jesus Christ only established one church when he was on the earth and that it has been restored once again. The prophets have the authority of God and will lead us to Jesus Christ and true happiness if we follow them. I love this gospel, my family, and my life.



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