Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Hottest Birthday I have ever had!

Hey cuties,

Well this week was a good one! Thanks for all the birthday love. My day was pretty much like any other day in the mission. But what made it extra special is that 2 of the elders in my district bought me some icecream and a big bag of marshmallows. They wanted to get me a cake but there wasnt one to buy. It made me laugh. I wore short sleeves on my birthday for the first time in my life.

We have found some more families to teach!!! I wont take the time to tell you about all of them but were teaching a man named Christian. He doesnt go to any church and is really discontent at the fact that there are so many religions. He reads everything that we leave with him and is gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. His wife was just baptized in an evangelical church last year but listens to us. She is very discontent with the way her pastor teaches and seems unhappy with the doctrine. I really hope she will start to act on some of the committments and come to church with her husband this Sunday. Its so fun to teach Christian because every time we come, he is so excited to learn more.

Xiomara is amazing. She always reads the scriptures and prays and has come to the church for the last month. She is trying to find a place to move so she can leave Javier. He is an alcoholic and the only real reason that she lives there is because she doesnt have anywhere else to live. She really wants to be baptized so were praying that she can find a place to live and change her and her sons life.

Jorge and Beverly are doing great! Unfortunately Jorge couldnt come to church this Sunday to be interviewed to receive the priesthood but they are doing really well and at least 1 of them with their kids have come to church the past month. Im hoping little Jorge can be baptized by the end of December. Jorge has been a member for 18 years and his wife for 7 and it makes me so happy they are making the steps to become active in the church. Were trying to help them focus on making it to the temple.

. I was feeling a little frustrated one morning and started reading a talk by Neil Andersen about preparing the world for the second coming. I dont know why I picked that talk, but it was just what I needed to read. There was a part that talked about a senior couple that served a mission and helped reactivate a family. He talked about how happy the couple was to see the dad baptize his son into the church. In this moment, I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the progress that Jorge and Beverly have made and how we have been in instruments in helping them make this progress. The Lord knows us and what we need.

I hope youre all doing great. I really love you and know that this is the work of the Lord. God loves us, knows us, and will help us if we turn to him.

H. Pearson

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