Saturday, December 29, 2012


Beloved Northamerican family,

Boy do I love you! Im glad to hear that everybody is safe and sound. Happy to hear that Wills bday party was a blast and am excited to hear how Janes play goes this week! Yes, as the subject says, Im now Nagarote├▒an because I wasnt transferred out this week. At first when I heard I didnt have changes I was a little bit disappointed because I feel like I have contacted every house and am just not having success finding families that are interested in learning about the gospel. A little bit after I found out we were both staying, I started to focus on the positive....Im really excited to still have Hermana Chinchilla as a companion and know that there is more work for me to do here (obviously because I wasnt transferred). Hermana Chinchilla and I are going to make some new goals to help more less active members and recent converts come to church and find some more families to teach!

We have had a big struggle this week with finding people to teach. We found a really great couple named Veronica and Carlos and were really excited to teach them and their two girls. He has diabetes pretty serious and really wants to find the true church before he dies.  We taught them once and they were excited to go to church. I felt the spirit so strong when we were teaching them and thought they would for sure go. Then we came by on Sunday and they didnt come. When we came back in the night, Carlos said that we were really nice people so he wasnt going to lie to us anymore and say they are studying with Jehovahs witnesses and trying to find out if that is right and dont want to be confused studying lots of different religions. I was really disappointed because I felt so positive about them. We told them that we will always be passing by so if they want to learn more, were always here. Hopefully they will have a change of heart!

While we feel like Xiomara and Javier really want to change, we have a big challenge as we found out that Javier is an alcoholic (or if he isnt he is on the verge of being one). Xiomara told us when we were not there and said he is not himself when he gets drunk and becomes really mad, so the next day we came to teach the word of wisdom to try to help him. The problem was that we couldnt talk about his drinking problem because we didnt want him to get mad and take it out on Xiomara for telling us so we had to beat around the bush. When we asked him if he had a problem with any of the things in the word of wisdom, he said no. We have been reading the book of mormon with them in Alma 5 and talking a lot about repentance and are really hoping he will act on his desire to change. 

Ive almost finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish and its so great to look back on my progress from where Ive come since the CCM reading verses really slow and out loud to myself. While there are days where Im really frustrated with my ability to express myself quickly in Spanish I have come a long way and am so grateful for the help of the Lord!

While there are extremely hard days in the mission, I LOVE IT. Im learning so much about making and keeping goals, the blessings of obedience, and how loving others and following the spirit are two of the most important things we need to learn to do. Im so grateful for my knowledge of living prophets, the plan of salvation, and the gift of eternal life that the Savior offers us if only we do our part!

Im happy. Im Healthy. Nos vemos.

Hermana Pearson

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