Saturday, December 29, 2012

Orphan Zone

So this week was full of a lot of changes and learning. Remember how I go to Leon every Tuesday to meet with my zone? From now on were not going there anymore. Heres what happened. President Arredondo showed up unannounced at our zone meeting.  He usually doesnt come to zone meetings but felt like he needed to come to motivate us to work harder and find more families. He is such an amazing man and inspires me every time he talks. For a while I have felt like I have gotten into a routine of contacting people and sometimes lack the ability to testify of truths because the contacts need to be quick. I have known that I needed to change but didnt know how. President gave us some really good advice on testifying more to people. Sometimes we ask the Lord how to solve our weaknesses and sometimes your mission president just tells you what they are :). Im so grateful for the inspiration that my mission president receives to guide us as missionaries. President also said that Nagarote, Mateare, and Paz Centro are now not going to Leon every week and will just meet here in Nagarote. ITs kind of weird to be seperate from the zone. Our zone leaders cant come here anymore to help us so weve given ourselves the nickname- orphan zone.

I also have learned a lot about charity this week. My district leader, Elder Swanson (from Farmington Utah and has been in the mission 3 changes) shared the scriptures Moroni 7:40-48 about how we need to have hope. How do we have hope? We need to have faith and charity. Ive been trying to apply this lately and encourage you to read these and apply them too.

This week was crazy in Nicaragua- Nov. 2nd was The day of the dead here and everyone goes to the cemetery and puts flowers on graves of loved ones. The street smelled so good (rare) because so many vendors were selling flowers. My old district leader, Elder Balux, took his whole district to the cemetery and they set up a table and contacted people- I was so proud. Yesterday was crazy because people voted for the mayor. Nagarote is mostly conservative so there werent any fights but I heard lots of missionaries had to go in early in other areas because fights break out among the different political parties.

Xiomara is really progressing. She is reading the Book of Mormon, is praying,  and has come to church every Sunday. Were really praying that Javier can change too and they can get married, but he wont admit that he has a drinking problem. Alcohol is so addictive and I really hope he can let go of this vice. Were going to try to help him with this problem or help Xiomara get out of the situation.

We have been visiting a family of less active members lately- Jorge and Beverly. He has been a member of the church for 18 years and she has been one for 7, but when we found them a month ago and taught a lesson on temples and the priesthood, they barely knew what they were. They have come a long way in their knowledge and Jorge is going to talk to the branch president next week to prepare to receive the priesthood so he can baptize his son Jorge (11). Im really happy to see their progress.

I feel so blessed to have been born into a home that had the fulness of the gospel. I know that God speaks to prophets today and prophets lead us to believe in Christ and let this knowledge change us. If anyone is reading this and hasnt read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it, I encourage you to do it, because it will change your life for the better.

I sure love you family!


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