Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 11, 2013

Hey family,
How ya doin? Someone told me this week that I "have all the milk in my teeth." Its a Nicaraguan phrase that means Im young. In other words, Im sick of making up email subjects and that was what I chose to write.
So this week I learned a lot about letting go of pride and being more charitable. It has been a struggle but when I start to judge others and look at their weaknesses, Ive learned to instead look for strong points and try to love more. If youre having the same struggle, try it. It works. Oh and a whole lot of prayer too.
We have been teaching one of the families that came to church last week named Claudia and Javier. They are really positive. They are pretty ineducated but about the most humble people I have ever met. Claudia is about 32 and he is 40. They met in the street and have been together for 16 years. Javier has the struggle of smoking but he has gone from smoking a pack a day to only about 7 and on Sunday he didnt smoke at all. They really loved church on Sunday and are learning fast. When we come to their house the whole family loves to listen along with friends that come over. On Friday night when we came over one of their friends (who has been taught the bible extensively by Jehovahs witnesses) sat in on the lesson and started bashing the doctrine and Book of Mormon a bit. At first I was a little nervous this would influence Claudia and Javier and put doubts in their minds. But it didnt. As I didnt argue and just testified, he was quiet and Claudia and Javier were agreeing with nodding of their heads the whole time. The spirit is the greatest teacher.
This week we came to visit little Cesar that got baptized and Cesar his dad and Yelba were there. Cesars heart has softened a ton and he wanted to listen to us again. He came close to accepting a baptism date for this Saturday. Were praying that they can do it because they know they have to but its just hard for Cesar to completely give his will up to the Lord.
Omar continues to come to church, mutual night, and any other activity we have but is having a hard time accepting a baptismal date. He knows the Book of Mormon is true.

Well Im doing great and Ill write more next week (on Moms BIRTHDAY!!!!)
Love you all,

Hermana Anne Pearson

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