Tuesday, February 26, 2013

January 14, 2013

Dear Family and friends,

Well this week was a week of a lot of successes and a lot of things that fell through. We have been trying to help Ricardo and Luz but they have a ton of problems fighting and she has lots of problems with diabetes and Darwin and Evelyn arent progressing. Both of these families had their baptismal date for Saturday but they couldnt take the leap of faith to do it. We're going to try to work with them and see if they have the faith  to change at this time in their life, but we will just have to see.

On the positive side, Erick (16 yrs old) got baptized on Saturday morning. We found Erick about 3 weeks ago when  we were teaching his mom and brother a lesson who ended up not being interested. He asked us a lot of intelligent questions and was really interested in the Book of Mormon. We invited him to church a couple of Sundays ago and he didnt end up coming. We came back to his house a couple of times that week but he was never there so we didnt have the time to visit him. But then a week ago last Thursday we were walking by his house and I had the thought to say to Hermana Rodriguez, "I wonder if I would remember Ericks face if I saw him right now." 30 sec. later we crossed paths with him and set up an appointment for the next day. We read the Book of Mormon with him and he ended up coming to church last Sunday. When we were talking to him about his experience at church and if he had prayed to know if the book of mormon was true he said that he had a dream where he was standing in front of the class with President Chavarria in a white shirt and tie. He also said he knows the book of mormon is true. He has always had the dream to do missionary work so were going to help him get focused on a mission!!!!

We have been working a lot with Karla and Hartin this week. The zone leaders came on Thursday to do their baptismal interviews and they both said they were ready to get baptized they just needed to pray to get an answer. We came back on Friday and Karla was only there. She was very honest with us and said she hadnt read the Book of Mormon or prayed like we had asked her to. But we both felt strongly that her day to be baptized was on Saturday so we told her if she prayed and got an answer that the church was true to call us Saturday in the morning and we would have everything ready. Well, we never got a call from her but after Ericks baptism we decided to stop by and visit her. She let us in and said she was going to go shower and bathe her daughter Ashley. It seemed a little weird to me because she just let us in. and then she had her son get ready and they all came to the door dressed nice. We asked her where her husband was and she said, " He left just a little bit ago, but I got an answer and Im getting baptized today." Turns out she couldnt call us because she didnt have minutes but she had the plan to just go to the church if we didnt show up and hope to find us. In church this Sunday she was taking notes and is so ready to learn more. I love seeing someone so thirsty to know more truths of the gospel!!!!

Unfortunately Cesar has hardened his heart and while he still is listening a little bit he is not taking anything in. Its really hard for Yelba that he doesnt want to marry her so she cant get baptized. But their 9 yr. old son got baptized on Saturday with Karla because he wanted to and had his parents consent so were hoping his dads heart will be softened so they can get married and baptized too!

We had Karla and Cesars baptism in Dipilto which is about 20 min. north of Ocotal. It was beautiful!!! 

Things have been improving with my companion and were working hard to find more families. This week will be a little slow because we have our transfers meeting with president and are going to Esteli tomorrow but it will be good to get advice and be inspired once again by president.

The church is true and I love all of you.


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