Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm not in Provo anymore!

This week Ive had a couple of firsts....first time living in Guatemala City, first breakfast of chips and beans, first wink from a Guatemalan cook, and first time having roommates from 4 different places-- Hermana Lopez from Nicaragua, Hermana Mendez from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, and Hermana Gomora from Mexico. I LOVE my latina roommates. The first night it was very intimadating to try to speak to them because they talk SO fast. Thank goodness for the kindness of Hermana Lopez from Nicaragua. She came over to me the first night and we made a deal to speak to each other in the language we're trying to learn. I try to teach them English and they try to teach me Spanish.
 IMPORTANT---when you call today make sure to dial not what I told you before but (011)502 3149-3972. This is the correct number. Not what I gave you before. This is a prime example of how things happen a little bit differently in Central America. We will be told one thing from one person, and then find out we were supposed to do the opposite thing. This is not a bad thing, just different, and Im learning to be VERY flexible and easy going.
SERVICE- Today we got to go outside of the MTC! We swept up the leaves and flowers from the street. It was really fun being outside and seeing a couple of people passing by. Hermana Hardinger found a diaper in a tree.
FOOD- The food is SOOOOOOOO good. They make lots of different things. We have had chicken cordoun bleu, chinese food, tacos, alfredo pasta, etc. I learned VERY quickly to say, no pan and un poquito. So I feel better now that Im not having as big of portions considering we eat our meals every 4 hours.
Ive had a lot of funny experiences with speaking the language. I left my shampoo in the shower and was trying to tell some sisters that I left it in the shower but didn{t know the word for it. After elaborately explaining and acting out what was in the shower, one said, shampoo? Same word in English. Whoops. If you're looking for the best word in spanish, look up surprise party in the dictionary. It has a great translation to spanish.
I'm so excited for Patti and Sven!!!!! Tell them congrats for me. (Patti is Anne's cousin who is expecting!)
Just so you know....if you send anything to Guatemala it takes about 12 days to get here.
It has been very difficult preparing for lessons because my companion doesn't speak much Spanish at all. I love her to death but it is hard when Im trying to give her experience to speak and teach with me, but she cant. I also don{t speak the best, so it{s a challenge. But I have had 2 great experiences teaching our 2 investigators. We have planned something and the lesson has changed based on their needs. Its neat how the spirit can testify and change what I say. }}}
Love you a lot but got to go!!!!!!

Hermana Pearson

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