Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hey family!

Mom informed me that my email ended pretty abruptly last week. Sorry about that- not sure what happened. Well, this week a lot happened. On Wednesday, we had Cambios(transfers as their known as in the states). We have them every 6 weeks. I thought for sure that H. Abrego was going to get transferred, but lucky for me she is staying for at least another 6 weeks. The day before cambios is exciting and nuts because we dont find out if were getting changed until 7 or 8 pm the night before and then a bus picks us up at 6 the next morning to go to the conference and all the missionaries come. Its really fun to see all the missionaries and how theyre doing.

Francisca and Santos didnt get baptized this weekend. Francisca was having problems with her hips but that isnt the reason that she didnt get baptized. She and Santos live with her parents who are inactive members of the church. Everything was going well with them and they were keeping committments reading the Book of Mormon. Francisca also attended church for a year, just never got baptized. We think that her parents have been trying to influence Francisca and make her doubt because she starting lying to us and avoiding questions when we came to prepare them for their baptism. We are praying and working to help them.

Ben told me last week to focus on and believe in miracles. I have been trying to do that and saw a miracle happen this week with one of our recent converts named Luisa. Someone is considered a recent convert if they have been baptized for less than a year and it is the responsibility of the missionaries to visit them 3-4 times a month. When I first arrived in Nagarote we went to visit Luisa. She opened the door with a very angry face and told us not to come back. My companion said we needed to. The second and third times we came her response was that her partner didnt want the missionaries to come and that we couldnt share a message with her. This week when we came and asked if we could share a message she said she hadnt showered yet. We said it didnt matter and she let us in. She was so happy and a completely different person that the woman I first met. She proceeded to tell us how she has been trying to read the bible every day. We then read the Book of Mormon with her and had a really positive experience and I feel like she learned a lot. While she still has a long way to go and needs to learn the importance of attending church, Im really hopeful that people can change. Never give up on someone that may need your help.

For the next 2 p-days I am traveling to Managua to participate in a missionary choir. We are going to sing for a conference when Elder Martino comes to speak at the end of August. The conference will be in Chinandega one day and Managua the next. Were singing "I know that my Redeemer lives." We have already had two practices and its been really fun to see Hermana Manning and Heiner who are also participating. Elder Martino is the president of the area 70 in Central America and Im excited to hear him speak again (He came to the CCM).

Well I sure love you family and Im praying that the drive to Utah goes well. Whoever is sitting in the front seat.....just hit mom's hand a lot and she will stay awake. I did this a lot growing up. The gospel is true. Keep spreading it through example and word.

Love you!!!!


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