Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Don't Eat Pete has made it's mark on Nagarote!


This week FLEW! I just had the chance to eat Quesillos (tortillas with cream and a whole bunch of cheese) with Brother Rindlisbach and his friends from Managua. It was really good to see him and also strange because sometimes I started talking to him in Spanish and forgot that he didn´t speak it.....I guess thats a good sign that Im learning the language right? He was so kind to come and see me! I still havent had a chance to look through the package and read your letters but thank you so much!

This week we had the opportunity to teach some of our recent investigators how to have a Family Home Evening. The hit of the night was Dont Eat Pete. We also played it for the game on Tuesday at the Noche de Hermanimiento. It was really fun to see one of our favorite family games come alive in Nicaragua. The people loved it!!! I really feel like Im becoming friends with lots of the members and trying my best to help the branch president- President Roman. This week we planned an activity for this Saturday that is focused on families. Were only inviting couples and planning lots of games for spouses to plan to try to strengthen some of the marriages here in the branch. Another one of the purposes of this activity is to try to ask for references in an indirect way to try to work more with members to find people to teach so converts already have friends in the church. Working with members is one of the hardest things to do considering time is VERY RELATIVE here, but were going to try to do it more!

I dont know if you remember her but Maria Theresa was just baptized on the 26th! She was supposed to be baptized the week before with Rogelio, but she got scared and it fell through. We went to visit her a couple of days after her baptism and were casually chatting. She then mentioned that her nephew might get baptized. Thinking I probably didnt know him, I decided to ask what his name was anyways. She said, "Rogelio." WHAT?!?! Members of the same family got baptized without us even knowing it. Im really praying they can be a support for each other since they´re the only members in their families and be an example for their families.

Right now were really struggling to find families to teach. Were continuing to work and fast and pray to find families every day but appointments keep falling through. Im praying for the ability to connect with people more and teach by the spirit. Please pray for the people in Nagarote!!! Im so grateful to be a member of this church. Im grateful for the ability to repent and come closer unto Christ every day. I love you familiy and hope youre all doing well! 


Hermana Anne Pearson

PS If you have any questions or Im leaving things out let me know!!!! 

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