Tuesday, September 4, 2012


August 13, 2012

Wow. I just have to say I have family and friends that are super salvaje. Literally translated that means youre all wild but here in Nicaragua it means youre AWESOME. Im grateful for all the support I have back home. Thank you for all your emails and letters!

Updates on our current investigators......Francisca and Santos suddenly moved. We came to their house one day to teach them and see how they were doing and Franciscas mom told us they moved. So hopefully some missionaries will contact them in Leon and they will be ready for baptism and full time activity in the church later in their lives. We also have been teaching Micaela(22)and Isidrillio(23) and Micaelas sister, Magaly (20). They have 2 kids and Magaly has 2. We taught them the Plan of Salvation 2 Saturdays ago. Its interesting how some people seem to already know what we have to teach. After we taught each principle, Magaly said, "I know that everything you are saying is true." They came with us to church for the first time for fast and testimony meeting. I was a little nervous that they wouldnt understand what was going on and would be confused. When we asked them how they liked the meeting, Magaly said that she wanted to share her testimony of Jesus Christ but didnt know if she could because she wasnt a member. Wow. This is just a witness to me that we should never be afraid sharing our beliefs or inviting people to an activity. If they are ready, they will feel the spirit and know that this church and gospel is true. All of them know that they need to be baptized and love the church, but both of Magaly and Micaelas spouses have problems with drinking. Please pray for them to be converted! Were hoping for a miracle. Their families are so amazing. Were also teaching a 17 yr. old boy named Rogelio. He is a contact from a member. He has decided to get baptized this Sunday! He has a family that doesnt take very good care of him and Im glad that he has the opportunity to join the church and feel more love in his life.

So I have never been a member of a branch but it is a lot different than being the member of a ward. Example: Last Sunday the 2 women that are in charge of the primary didnt show up to sacrament meeting, so, knowing that I like kids, the assistant to the branch president decided I would be the primary leader for the next 2 hours and announced it at the end of sacrament meeting. Surprise! Primary consisted of a prayer, coloring and a whole lot of the song heads shoulders knees and toes since that is the only song I know in Spanish. Except its more of a work out in Spanish because we say its translated to head, face, shoulders, feet instead of head shoulders knees and toes. Its a lot easier as a child to touch shoulders and then feet really fast......................

I had some interesting experiences with my eyes this week. People kept referring to my eyes as cat eyes. Whenever someone has eyes that are a different color than brown they are cats eyes here. Ha. One woman said she wished she cut take my eyes out of my face and put them in her baby. Creepy. We were standing in the dark in a park and a woman said I had pretty eyes. Dont know how she knew I had blue eyes in the dark but my companion said they are a lot prettier in the daytime and if you come to church with us you can see them! Sly.

I have such a strong testimony that the same church that Christ established when he was on the earth has been restored to the earth. We have prophets and apostles, modern revelation, the authority of God, and the scriptures. Im so grateful for this knowledge. I know that we can read the Book of Mormon and pray to Heavenly Father to know that this is true. God answers prayers!

Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad tomorrow!!! I hope you do something really spesh. Have fun in Utah for me!

Love you all so much,

Hermana Anne Pearson

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