Monday, July 2, 2012

Do parrots speak Spanish in spanish-speaking countries?

Hey awesome family and friends!

Now that youve pondered that question for a second, I´ll share my experience. We have neighbors who have a parrot. I decided to try to speak spanish to him to try to get him to copy me. Well, he didnt. Instead, he preceded to imitate a pig. Seriously. It was strange. So I asked my companion if parrots speak Spanish here. Apparently they do. I just met one that was a little bit....different.

The focus in this mission is teaching and baptizing families. Its the greatest. Isnt that what life is all about? Our goal is to contact 6 families a day and so far we have done that. Were currently teaching a single mother of 3 children and a couple. I really hope they keep progressing and are able to come to church. Getting people to come to church is the most difficult thing here. We wake up 2 hours early every Sunday to try to help people come but its really difficult. The branch members are amazing and Im so inspired by their examples.

P day was really fun today. We hiked up a mountain and went to this lake called " Tiger lagoon" with our district. Ill send pictures later.

I have had to switch the way I greet people. Instead of saying, "Hola" everyone says "Adios."

Culture shock: Women nurse their babies here anytime, anywhere. It may be in the middle of a lesson, or in the middle of Sunday school.

People LOVE to stare at my eyes here. I hear the phrase, "Que bonito sus ojos" a lot. Sometimes I wish I had color contacts. Or a blind fold.

Apartment situation: No we dont have a dirt floor. Yes we have lots of mosquitoes but thanks to mom, I have a mosquito net. I have fans which is nice because I sweat a whole lot. Carmen and Sobeida, the people who we eat with do our wash by hand once a week. Life is good. The gospel is the truth.

Love,  Anne

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