Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Prayers are answered!

Sometimes we feel like our prayers are not answered. And sometimes they aren´t.....for a long time. But prayers are always answered. Like I said last week, I was a little bit nervous about how quickly Wilbur and Valeska were baptized. But they are making and keeping committments. The week before they were baptized, I said a prayer that the people that I teach and are baptized will recognize the change in their lives after they are baptized. 2 days after Wilbur and Valeska were baptized, we were teaching them about reading the scriptures. Wilbur spoke about how before we had come and taught them, they were always fighting but now they dont do that and have a lot of peace. I knew then that Heavenly Father had answered my prayer. They are changing little by little and Im grateful to be a part of their conversion.

I have really learned the importance of making and completing goals. We have a goal to contact on average 6 families and 20 people daily. We contacted Maria and Miguel on a Saturday night. We had already contacted 10 families that day and no one wanted to hear our message. Maria and Miguel had already been taught by Hermana Abrego and her former companion about 2 mon. ago but they had to stop teaching them because they werent keeping committments. When  we invited Maria and Miguel to church for the next day they were excited to come and came! I know that when we make worthy goals and work our hardest to complete them, the Lord will bless us.

We had the chance to go to Managua for stake conference on Sunday. We were stuck in a huge traffic jam. But that was not a problem for the bus driver. He decided to drive on the side of the highway through the trees and take a short cut through a peanut field. We only arrived 20 min. late. I love the craziness of the traffic laws here.

So I have a nice tan now. Or at least if I was in the states people would think so. Instead people like to talk about how red I am. In fact the phrase they like to use is, "red like a tomato." People also think that I am really old here. I always thought people thought I looked young. NOPE. Someone asked H. Abrego and I how old we were. They thought she was 25. I said I was 30. They believed me. Yikes. So Im learning to love the appearance of being a 30 year old with tomato like skin. Oh Im humbled every day.

Every morning I wake up to the sound of karaoke at the local catholic church, roosters crowing, and dogs barking. Oh how I love Nicaragua. I love you all and I pray for you all every day. The church has been restored and we can bless the lives of people around us. Never forget the power you have to help and serve others.



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