Monday, July 2, 2012

Milagros (Miracles in Spanish)

Dearest family,
To answer some of moms questions....the blog for the Guatemala CCM doesnt exist because the church is trying to compile a website for all the ccms and put a link on lds. org or something. not sure when it will be up. I leave for the airport at 1 pm on Monday and have no idea what my schedule is like after that so this is going to be quite the adventure. I will be traveling with Hermana Manning and Heiner and 3 latino missionaries that are going to our mission. Im feeling a little nervous but mostly excited out of my mind. I have been praying a lot for Brad, Michelle, Will, the new baby and each one of you in our family individually. Even though we are so far away, the strength of our family makes me feel close to you. I love you all so much. Thanks for your testimony about the gospel in Nauvoo mom. It is similar to the feelings I have felt as I am reading Our Heritage this week before I leave the CCM.
Im so happy to hear about all the news in the family! Congrats to Lizzi and Jeremy, Matt for graduating, Jen Lloyd for the new baby, and all of the other exciting news. I feel so grateful for such a tight knit extended family and hope everything is going well.
Okay drum roll for the most exciting news of the week.......I got to see Ben, AGAIN!!!!!!! Sorry to say its because we both snuck out and met in a sketchy alley and both feel really terrible now. Psych. We both had the opportunity to go to the oldest stake center in Guatemala to hear Elder Maynes from the 70 speak to all the missionaries in the city of Guatemala. If I had been sitting with all of the CCM missionaries I might not have seen him because they were all in the back but thankfully my companion was asked to give the opening prayer so we were in the front. I turned around and saw him and we both flipped out. I came up to him and gave him a big hug. We both realized how sketchy this must to look to surrounding missionaries and received some dirty looks from some elders so we quickly turned around and started saying Hermanos, Hermanos! And pointing to our tags. I got to meet one of Bens best friends Elder Morgan who was so funny and some others as well. We got to talk for about 30 minutes before the meeting started. It was so wonderful. When I went to give him a hug goodbye we both wondered if we should because missionaries around dont know were siblings. We decided in the end that we would but Ben being a little hesitant, we experienced the most awkward brother sister hug ever seen by man (David Vance and Kyle Olson, you would be so proud of us). It was great.
I had a really neat experience this week sharing the gospel with one of the security guards. Hermana Hardinger and I were waiting to eat dinner with Hermana and Elder Brinton, a senior couple that lives in the building next to us. While we were waiting by the door, Hermana Hardinger said, we should go talk to that security guard. For a second I thought, no.....all the missionaries and their mom (ok maybe not their mom) have talked to the security guards that work here. But I decided to go do it. We visited with him about his family for a little bit and then asked him if he was going to a church right now. He said no. We then asked him if he would like to receive a Book of Mormon that is another testament of Jesus christ like the bible and explained that we believe in both books as the word of Christ. He said he would. We told we would return right before he got off work to work with him. When we came out, we came out at the right moment because he was leaving work early. He was also leaving with another security guard that is investigating the church right now! It was perfect. We gave the book to him and he was very interested. His name is Teofilo. Pray for him! This gospel blesses families!!!
Had a great moment this week. I told one of the other hermanas, while talking about my family, that Brad was 225 years old. Didnt know that was possible but did it. Brad you look good for your age.
If any of you have the chance, I would love to see pictures occassionally!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!  We also went proselyting on Monday. It was hard to understand some people but overall a really amazing experience sharing this gospel with the humble people of Guatemala.
Con carino,
Hermana Pearson

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