Monday, July 2, 2012


Its official folks. Im in my first area in Nicaragua....Nagarote! It
has been a week of ups and downs. I was pretty confident about my
ability to understand the language when I left Guatemala.....and now
Im in Nicaragua where they speak a completely different language. Like
I said, people with lisps should move here because no one pronounces
the s. So sometimes its super frustrating to understand and I get
frustrated. And then Heavenly Father gives me little tender mercies by
letting me use my sense of humor. For example, I had one of those
moments right before going to the bathroom at a chapel. While I was
feeling frustrated, I started pulling the toilet paper roll and a
little cockroach friend came scrambling down and almost touched my
hand. So needless to say, as a public health major, I used the TP I
brought in my bag. ha. So Im getting kicked off the computer right now
but Ill right more in a bit hopefully

So.... where was I.....well Im in an area where we are in a very small branch (only 60 members attended on Sunday). Our main way of inviting people to hear the gospel is by inviting them to church but people have a very hard time accepting our invitation. But the people here are so amazing. They are so humble, friendly, and willing to listen to the gospel on the spot. Following through and keeping commitments is a different story but I know as we continue to work hard, and do what we´re supposed to do the Lord will bless us to find those that are read to hear about the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ. I have felt my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ reconfirmed so many times in this past week. This message is true.

I have experienced a definite culture shock and have been grateful over and over again for the comfortable circumstances we live in. Its truly humbling to see so much poverty around me. Ive been trying to send pictures but I still cant figure it out.

Every day a convert of 2 years named Carmen makes lunch for me and my companion Hermana Abrego and the other 2 sister missionaries that live in Nagarote. She lives with her daughter and 2 grandchildren. The cool thing is that my friend Kristen Lee (whose pictures I looked at before I left) taught them the gospel and they are still strong members of the church! Before I left Kristen told me she hoped I would get to go to Nagarote and its my first area:). We live in the middle of the village but lots of members live out in the forest. I love how green it is here. It is SOOOO hot. My new perfume is sweat. Oh and the Lord has definitely been blessing me because the beans dont affect me and I feel great. We eat beans, rice, and some sort of meat (one day i ate cow liver) every day. My companion, Hermana Abrego is from Panama and doesnt speak any English but wants to learn. Any tips on teaching someone English when you can only speak it in the apartment?

I was shocked and so sad when I read about Timothy Stansbury passing away. My prayers are with the Stansburys and our family. I feel like Timothy is like my little brother and I miss him so much already. Tell the Stansburys that Ill be praying for them during this difficult time. Im so grateful for the knowledge we have of the plan of salvation and that families are forever together!!!! I love all of you so much.

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