Friday, September 13, 2013

A week of Miracles!

August 5, 2013

Well hey there,

What an amazing week. End of email. Okay, i know mom just wont take that for an email so Ill expound so you have a little bit more detail.
This week we have received a lot of great instruction from President Collado. We went to a training meeting for trainers and greenies and then a leadership meeting as well. I feel such a responsibility and such a blessing to serve in this mission. I continue to be thankful for a mission president that is so humble and willing to serve us.
Unfortunately we have had to stop teaching a lot of our families. But we continue to look for more! Were prepping the granddaughter of a less active we found about a month ago for baptism this weekend. Her name is Anali and she is the sweetest.

So you know how every missionary wants to find an investigator "who (is only) kept from the truth because they dknow not where to find it—" ? ( D &C 123:12). Well I have always wanted to have an experience like that and the Lord answered my prayers. Her name is Vilma and she is the sister of a member in our branch, Gloria Corrales. Really, we have only been the teachers to help Gloria and her family teach Vilma. Vilma used to be very involved in the Catholic church,left that because she still felt an emptiness, found the evangelical church, and left that because she still felt empty. Gloria invited her sister over for Sunday dinner and Vilma asked why they were dressed so elegantly (missionary moment!).They explained about the sabbath day, it sparked her interested and they invited her over for a family home evening. They explained so much about the gospel before we even entered the picture.
Gloria called us on Tuesday and we came to teach on Wednesday. As we shared the first vision, everything made so much sense to her. We also talked about how families can be together forever through the priesthood authority and she believes it. She lost 2 daughters at birth and has always felt an emptiness that she didnt realize she had inside. She asked us what she can do to prepare to be a member and said she has been looking for the truth for 12 years and hasnt been able to find it. Really there are people prepared for us to teach and bring the joy that is missing in their lives. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important thing. It helps heal us and make us whole. I love being a missionary and hope you all continue to serve and change the lives of others. There is no work more important! Sure love you all.
Have a great week,
Hermana Pearson

Ps thanks for the package!!!!! I LOVED ALL OF IT! you all are da best.

                                                         My family tree in the mission

                     President Collado, Sister Collado, Hermana Corzantes, Hermana Pearson

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