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Don't have a COW!

April 8, 2013

Hey family,

Well this week was QUITE the week. Lets start out with April fools day. This was probably the strangest April Fools Day Ive ever had. First reason, because I didnt remember it was said day until a gringa called me and reminded me. Second, because I didnt play any jokes on anyone because they wouldnt understand and no one played any jokes on me. Third because I saw Honduras. Fourth because I got in a bus accident. Now before you freak out, lets explain the details.

Well since Honduras is 15 min. away we went to see the border. It was cool because we got off the bus took a picture in front of the sign...dont worry we didnt cross the border...and got back on the bus. Actually turns out borders arent really that cool, but i put my foot in honduras and they and all was well, so Ive been in Nicaragua and Honduras at the same time. Cool huh. While we were there, the zone leaders called and said that all the sisters had to be in Managua the next day for a meeting just for sisters. So we had to leave for Esteli in the night.

We left for Esteli at 6pm driving along just fine. Now, not sure if I have told you before but Nicaraguan bus drivers actually make me really nervous. They love to jam to the music, eat, talk to people. There least favorite thing to do is look at the road. But thats how we travel so what can you do. So it was about 7 pm and I was falling asleep when all of a sudden the bus jerked forward and glass started flying and the bus started swerving. It swerved off to the side of the highway and the bus was hanging a little bit in the air. I had no idea what was going on and most others didnt but the bus driver helper guy told everybody to move to the back of the bus calmly. Everyone was super calm except for one really nervous woman with her child. We got off the bus and were amazed that NO ONE was hurt at all. Turns out we hit a cow. When the bus driver hit the cow, a semi was coming towards us on the other side of the highway and he had to swerve off. It was a miracle that he was able to control the bus and we didnt flip over. So there was the first miracle....that no one got hurt. Then, we faced reality, we were half way to Esteli and there was no way to get there. In my United states way of thinking, I thought, well another bus or someone has to come for us, we payed for the bus and now were stranded. Yeah right. It was the last bus of the night so we had to fend for ourselves. Thankfully, my companion was directed by the spirit to talk to a woman that had her husband coming to pick her up from Esteli and we got a ride with them when so many others didnt have rides. So there was our second miracle. When we were leaving the scene of the accident, men from a near by village were looking for a knife to start cutting up the meat of the cow before it went to love Nicaragua...... When we got to Esteli we had papusas to celebrate. I feel very blessed to be safe and know that we were taken care of.

We had a very special conference with President. He loves his missionaries so much. He had a conference specifically for the sisters to thank us for our hard work and for coming on missions when were not obligated to do so. I always learn so much from him. One of the pieces of wisdom he gave us is to LEARN from trials. He said that the teacher of trials can be our best teacher if we learn from him. He also reminded us to never compare ourselves with others. He used the example of tithing and said no matter how much you make, every tithing that is worthily payed is the same in the eyes of the Lord. We just need to give our best and the sacrifice is the same for the Lord. He also challenged us to not have fear to make sacrifices weve never made before and we will see miracles that weve never seen before. I love conferences.

So update on Eneyda and Alquileo. We were so hopeful that they would take our advice and read the book of mormon and pray but they decided to just look for things to try to prove everything wrong. We arrived at their house one day and he gave us back the book of mormon and all the pamphlets and said he didnt like our doctrine. Who was once the kind Alquileo was cold and indifferent. Its sad when people have fear of finding the truth when they are too worried about the changes that it will implicate in their lives. Hopefully they will come around in the future. But we didnt get too down and kept looking. Our district leader helped us find a super postive family named Iban and Maria and they came to watch general conference in Esteli. We also found another family named Luis and Connie and they have come to one activity and came to 3 sessions of conference....and we found them on Thursday. Were super happy to find some families that seem ready to want to make changes in their lives.

Well I have been humbled once again in my Spanish this week considering Luis cant understand anything I teach. That hasnt happened for about 5 months on my mission so its really frustrating but its helping Hermana Morales to not have fear in teaching and shine. Its also helping me learn to listen a lot more and be humble. Im really seeing the blessings of the Lord in my life and here in Ocotal. This week please pray for Omar....he went to 4 sessions of conference and I know he is ready for baptism. He just has the fear that he will fall and that is the reason he doesnt want to get baptized. Good news.....I understand pretty much everything in conference in Spanish. I was pretty excited considering 6 mon. ago I understood 10%. I continue to see the Lord working miracles and hope you can all recognize the miracles he is working in your life. I love you all and miss you a ton!!!!


Hermana Anne Pearson

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