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May 13, 2013

Querida familia,

Man it was so good to talk to all of you yesterday. You looked SOOOO GOOOD (said in teen girl squad voice). Thanks so much for talking a little bit to Hermana Chita yesterday. Everyone else in the apartment had already talked to their family and she wasnt going to get to do it. Luckily we were able to get her in a video chat with her mom today after about 2 hours of running around trying to find a good internet connection and computer that worked….gotta love Nicaragua.She is such an amazing person. At the end of her phone call she bore her testimony to her mom about the Book of Mormon and the church being true and challenged her mom to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. She inspires me and really makes me laugh too. Basically I love my companion.

This week I have been learning to focus more and more on teaching by the spirit. We went to visit a less active named Felix. He had a ton of Doubts and questions about the church. I shared the typical scripture references with him but it didnt seem to clear up any of his questions. Hermana Chita knew exactly what to say and seemed to help him understand what he needed to do to clear up his doubts.After the lesson I turned to her and said even though I have more time on the mission lots of times I feel like she knows how to listen to the spirit and knows what tos ay more than I do. She told me that she thinks I do know how to teach by the spirit but I just need to listen more. We have a really good relationship so I took this constructive criticism and put it to the test. In a lesson that night with Jami and Alejandro (our most postive family right now) I made a goal to only teach what the spirit told me to and rely on Him. During the opening prayer I was praying in my heart to know what tos ay and trying so hard to listen. It was very quiet but the spirit told me , “repentance” and during the middle of the lesson the spirit told me to ask, “ Have you ever wanted a change in your life?” It turns out that by trusting in the spirit and acting on these impressions, we were able to discern some of the needs of this family and gain trust with them. I realized that the spirit it always trying to guide us but sometimes we dont listen or dont act on these impressions. President always tries to help us focus on this. Every meeting that we have, we recite D and C 50:13-14 along with D and C 4 and our purpose.  “Wherefore, I the Lord ask you this question—unto what were ye aordained?  To preach my gospel by theaSpirit, even the bComforter which was sent forth to teach the truth.”  I really hope that you can all make it a goal to teach and live your lives more by the spirit. He knows a whole lot more than we do.
Well I sure love all of you and hope you continue to do well!!!!  
Hermana Pearson

You know that I love telling dumb one liner jokes in English, so naturally I would like telling them in Spanish too……
How do you say aguacate in English? Watercate
How do you say repollo in English? Rechicken
PPS I tried sending pics today but the internet just wont let me do it. stay tuned for cinco de mayo mustache pics......

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