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In the Gua of Nicara!

July 1, 2013

Dear Family,
First of all shout outs to Becca that thought of the subject for my email when Ive run out of ideas. Second,how the world are you all doing? I hope great because youre all my favorite.
To answer moms questions and let you all know at the same time....Hermana Henderson only has 3 weeks left on her mission but thankfully she is not "dead" yet and still working really hard with me. Also, as training leader sisters, we are responsible to go help train sisters that need more help. For example, tomorrow Im going to do divisions with Hermana Teichert in Ocotal to help her with her Spanish and help find more families for them to teach. But we dont do divisions a lot because, thankfully, we have pretty obedient, hardworking sisters.

So as you know, we have been struggling to find positive families but the Lord heard our prayers this week and has blessed us with two new ones. First Ill tell you about Vacilia and Segundo....So we eat lunch every day with Sister Alma Iris. One day last transfer her aunt and uncle(Vacilia and Segundo) were visiting her. She told me where they lived and I realized it was in the other sisters area. I told them about it, but they never ended up visiting them. Now, Im in that we walked by their house last week and I recognized her and we came in and visited them. She has been going to an evangelical church but is open to learning about the church since her niece loves it so much and is willing to change---she told us " I dont like lying, if I come and like church, Im staying in it, If I dont, Im not staying!" Segundo has never gone consistently to a church and is really open to changing. He smokes about 10 cigarettes a day but he really wants to change. We were really happy when he came to church yesterday. Unfortunately she couldnt go because she had to stay at the house because they cant leave it alone or people will rob it because its not secure. Im so happy were teaching references of members! Its the best way to do missionary work.
Now for another positive family we have Maria and Luis. So you know how Ive always been kind of clumsy (remember the dansko clogs mom...)? Well it came in handy this week and helped us find this chosen family. We were walking down a hill and I ended up skidding on some gravel and almost falling (didnt :) ) Then I realized that a girl walking in front of us had done the same thing and it was a good icebreaker to start talking and joking around with her. Anyways....we ended up walking with her to her house in a neighborhood where addresses are impossible that they dont even know their own. So we were trying to figure out how to write down their address asking people around and a woman we asked went and got her neighbor, Luis, who is really good at giving addresses. His wife came to the door too and I could sense they were postive. He let us in and we shared a message with them. Whenever we start with a prayer I pretty much always say to the man, " As the head of your home, you have the right to choose which one of us will say the prayer, and dont say either one of us or you lose and have to say it." They usually laugh and then choose one of us. He just said, "Okay, Ill say it." It was great. During the prayer I was praying to say an inspired question to know their needs from the beginning since I already felt they were so positive. The spirit gave me the same question that we used with that woman a couple of weeks ago and I asked him why he thinks God sent the missionaries to his house. He ended up opening up and telling us a couple of years he had been in an accident and been electrocuted by 15,000 volts. He should have died right? He made a promise to God in that moment if he let him live he would pay him back. Well about a week ago he had been praying to Heavenly Father wanting to know how he could serve and if it was too late, and then we came to his door a week later. Isnt it amazing how the Lord can use us as instruments in His hands? Im so glad we found them and Im really excited to be teaching people who want to learn and change.
Since the broadcast of the work of salvation, my branch president has created an amazing plan. Im seriously so impressed with President and Sister Barcenas. He presented a class in the combined class on Sunday and made goals with the members to read Preach My Gospel in about 3 months and wants to make our branch " A Branch of Preach My Gospel." I finally feel like all that is in Preach My Gospel about working with leaders finally applies in my mission and were going to be able to work with members a lot more. There are also 3 other future sisters in the other branch we share the building with and one future elder that is our ward missionary leader. We are going to start going on splits a lot helping them prepare and its so great. Its always been hard to work with members for the most part but Im so pumped to do it here! Im so glad the Lord has changed my attitude about being in Esteli. I love it. I love being on a mission. I love my Savior. I know this is His church and his gospel in its fullness. If you dont have a strong testimony,pray to get your own. I hope you all have a fantastic week and remember that I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Meet Alberto Gutierrez. When he was 9 years old he had a dream that he should carve out pictures on rocks on his familys farm land. When he was 35 he started to do it.Now he is 74 and is a tour guide. I wish I hadmore time to tell about this fun experience.

           We went back to Estanzuela. You can tell its been raining a lot more by the size of the waterfall huh?

Hermana anne Pearson

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