Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We met the Collados!

July 9, 2013

Hey family,
Hope everyone is happy and loving life. This week was great. It started out with me going to Ocotal on divisions with Hermana Teichert a new sister in the mission. I also got to visit my recent converts and teach them. Hermana Teichert has been struggling in learning Spanish so it really was a confidence booster for her to see that it is possible to learn Spanish.

GUESS WHAT? Claudia and Javier are GOING TO HAVE A BABY! She has gotten pregnant and lost the baby a couple of times in their 16 years married and she hasnt been able to have one. But Im confident that if its the Lords will they are going to have this one because they are serving him and trusting in him more than ever before in their lives.

Update on families that were teaching...........Maria and Luis are the greatest. When we taught about the word of wisdom they were totally committed and Luis hasnt been smoking and Maria hasnt drunk coffee since the day we taught the lesson. They are reading the Book of Mormon and committed to pray before and after they read it to know if its true. They are awesome. Unfortunately Satan attacked their 2 year old son with a virus on Thursday night and he was sick throwing up all night so they couldnt go to church on Sunday. Segundo and Vasilia have had some trials too. Their daughter arrived that is Evangelical and planted some ideas in Vasilias head due to some rumors she has heard about Mormons and now Vasilia doesnt want to visit. But Segundo has cut down a lot on smoking and were really hoping we can still help them to discover the truth.

On Friday, The Collados came to meet our zone. They came with their 3 children- 14, 12, and 8 years of age. I was a bit nervous to meet them. Losing President Arredondo and his wife felt a little bit like when I found out President Hinckley passed no one could replace them. But I remember when President Monson was called and the first time he spoke and a peace entered my heart.....I felt the exact same way when The Collados entered the room. They have SUCH a love for us already. They asked us some questions to get to know us and we all put our fingers in paint and put them on a banner to become recommitted to being "the hands of Christ." That is their motto for our mission. President Collado is really loving and so is his wife. And his wife has a PERSONALITY- she is really fun and loves to voice her opinion. We had our first council meeting with them yesterday and got to know them a lot better when we went out with them to Papa Johns afterwards. They are truly called of God. They are so young and have made such a sacrifice to come here.
Im continuing to work hard and trying to be better each day so we can receive direction to find the chosen ones. Well got to go but dont forget that youre all so important to me and more important to the Lord.

Hermana Pearson
                                                   Sister Collado and me!  Love her!

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