Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's raining cats and dogs!

June 3, 2013

Greetings from very green Esteli. I think Im going to grow fins because weve entered the rainy season here. I have had wet feet 4 nights of these week. I might send a thank you letter to president of Crocs because Im getting my use out of them.
So when I wrote you last week I was a little bit down and really yearning to have success in the form of seeing investigators progressing. In our mission its about the worst thing to not bring anyone to church and I havent had anyone investigating in church for a month. ITs really hard to see that when you work so hard all week to find and teach. Well the past 2 Sundays I was feeling really sad and got into the trap of comparing myself to other missionaries and wondering what Im doing wrong when Im praying hard and working hard. But in this last week I have learned A LOT about how praying and trusting in the Lord can completely change our attitudes. I have learned 2 key things this week.
1. Dont compare yourselves with others. We need not have a fear or not measuring up with others, but a fear of not measuring up with the personal standards the Lord has for us.
2. Sometimes we need to have trials and not have certain types of success to learn to walk with the Savior. I have pondered a lot more on his life this week and how alone he must have felt at times. But he didnt consider his will important. All he wanted to do was the Fathers will by serving others and seeing their happiness.
While I had the same sort of situation on Sunday (0 people in church) I was okay. The Lord has blessed us to know that the work were doing is pleasing to him and has blessed us in this last week to find two really positive families- Pabel and Marlene (Marlene is an inactive member, her husband was in the US when she was baptized) and Jazmina and Jader (a family that already knows a member of the branch presidency). Im praying we will be able to follow the spirit to discern their needs and help them progress!

I know that the Lord knows us on a personal basis. He is so mindful of us. Im so grateful for the atonement. I sure love all of you and hope you have a great week!

Hermana Pearson
PS The comp has been really slow lately. Stay tuned for pictures.......

Random facts/stories
-you know those really cool barbie cars that kids used to drive around the cul-de-sac? In the park of the center of the city, kids can go and pay to drive them around. Kind of like a merry go round but cooler. Its a great job idea for college grads for  anyone that cant find a job.....
-So I have always heard of missionaries saying words wrong in their mission languages that ends up being really bad or really funny and I havent had many of those experiences....until this week. I was talking to this man and he asked what my name was. I said it and he didnt get it. I tried explaining it was like "piercing"pointing to my earrings (people usually get that). He then asked me what it was in Spanish....he wasnt getting it. So I tried using an example I would use in English (not logical in Spanish dont know what I was thinking) and said "son of pear." The problem is Im a little too good sometimes at rolling my rs and instead of saying " hijo de pera-son of pear" I said "hijo de perra"- son of a female dog- yeah its really bad in spanish too. I didnt realize what had happened in the contact but H. Chita told me afterwards and we died laughing.

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