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April 1, 2013

Dearest fam,

So this week I have been humbled a lot. My companion is AWESOME but I have felt a little frustrated because there is so much my companion says that I dont understand. She talks really fast and really quiet.I have felt so confident with my Spanish up to this point so its been really humbling. But I guess my Spanish will just get better after this.Hope so. and Ill be able to talk to Ben better! We also have been working really hard but have faced a ton of rejection. But we keep working hard and I hope we will find more people ready to hear the gospel soon!

Eneyda and Aquileo were really positive but Satan has worked hard on them this week and their minds have closed up a little bit because they have been talking to their friends and pastor about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and trusting more in their opinions than in our invitation to pray. But Im hoping this week there willbe  a change of heart.

Easter is SO different here. On Wed. pretty much everyone makes a lot of tamales that is just corn dough with a layer of beans on the inside. Then they eat these on Thursday and Friday because they dont work or cook very much. On Thurs. and Fri. pretty much everything was closed and not very many people were selling on the street. A ton of people go to the rivers to swim on Thursday also. It was pretty much a ghost town on Thurs and Friday morning but we were blessed to contact a lot of families that were out strolling in the nights. It was really impressive to me to see such respect for the suffering of our Savior on Friday. NOTHING was open and people make the sacrifice to not work- when they need to for food- to respect the Savior. It would be wonderful if people would understand that its necessary to show this kind of respect for the sabbath day as well.

Javier received the priesthood last Sunday and passed the sacrament yesterday-he wore one of the ties mom sent me and LOVES it. He fell from the 3 meter tall wall 2 weeks ago and is limping and has a swollen arm but hasnt failed in coming to church. His testimony is growing and his ability to read it improving so much. Claudia and Javier make me so happy. Cesar and Camilo also received the priesthood and I hope they will pass the sacrament soon.

I know this church is true and that we have a living prophet that receives revelation directly from God to guide us. Im so grateful for a Savior that showed us the way and allows us to repent and be better every day. Love you all so much!

Hermana Anne Pearson

BEST Chapters FOR MISSIONARIES TO READ fromBook of Mormon
-Alma 26
-D and C 31

PPS Im not supporting nor making fun of drunk people but sometimes their actions and comments towards me as a north american girl make me laugh. I had a drunk man the other week propose to me - or more like demand that I marry him- in front of everyone on the bus. And on Sunday a man told me that I was a very hot person. If you ever feel like you're ugly just come to Nicaragua and have an encounter. from a distance. with a drunk man and you will feel attractive.........

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