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Last week with my mission President :(

June 24, 2013

Hey fam,

This week was filled with events. We went to Managua on Monday for choir practice, had our leadership council meeting on Tuesday, and the farewell meeting for the Arredondos on Wednesday. So this email is going to be very scattered if you dont mind……

First off, update on Cesar and Daisy. We arrived to their house this week when an evangelical preacher was there.  We were confused because they thought they werent going to that church anymore. She left and we came in to share a message. We tried sharing the message of the Restoration but they bécame close minded all of a sudden and cant accept The book of Mormon or Joseph Smith because its not in the bible. When we asked them if they would pray, they couldnt accept it. They are not interested in learning anymore. Hopefully they will find the truth in the future.It was pretty sad, but the important thing is that H. Henderson and I still know its true and it strengthened our testimonies. But hopefully they will come around. Were hoping the Lord is preparing a positive family for us to teach soon!

This week I read a great talk by Elder Holland on lessons learned in Liberty Jail. Anyone who is having a hard time in life should read it (problema is Im not sure exactly what its called). But he talks about how Liberty jail was a prison-temple experience for Joseph Smith and how trials can be times where we can receive a lot of revelation if we keep on trusting in the Lord. He said, “The real test of our faith and our Christian discipleship is when things are not going smoothly. That is when we get to see what were made of and how strong our committment to the góspel really is.” Another great example of how we should act in trials is demonstrated by the Jaredites in the Book of mormon: Ether 6:5-12. I love how there are so many examples of people of faith in The Book of Mormon and Bible!

In Managua after the leadership meeting I got to be Hermana Mannings companion! We went and did retention work visiting her recent converts and contacting. It was incredible seeing this sister that could barely speak a lick of Spanish in the MTC and thinking she would never learn, converted into a powerful testifier of truth.

A story Id like to tell:
Meet  Elder Kirk, fresh out of the MTC and first day as a missionary in Guatemala. He and his companion contact a house and teach a Young man. All heknows how to say in Spanish is, “I know this church is true.” But he repeats it over and over again. The spirit confirms to this man that the church is true with this simple phrase and he is baptized.
Well this Young man was President Arredondo and at the farewell fireside this Wednesday, we had the opportunity to meet  Elder and sister Kirk that are now serving as a couple here in Central America.  What an INCREDIBLE experience for Elder Kirk to see how the Lord used him as an instrument to baptize a Young man and now he has changed the lives of hundreds of missionaries and many more in various church callings. We also learned that Elder Hatch, someone that served with Elder Kirk, taught and baptized Hermana Arredondos family. Thanks to these two elders, I have my misión president and his wifeJ The point of teling you all of this? In missionary work (as members or full time missionaries) lots of times, we dont know the impact our choices will have on the future of others. If we can be bold and do the Little things we can be instruments in changing the futures of thousandsof people.
The farewell to our misión president and his wife was really amazing. Something significant that was presented in the meeting is that in their time here, 2450 families have been baptized. In 2010 there were only 160 missionaries and now there are 250 missionaries. So much has changed here thanks to them. We sang “Abide with me tis eventide” as a choir. It is President Arredondos favorite song and it was a surprise for him. We sang the first two verses as a choir and the third verse all of the missionaries stood up and sang. What an incredible spirit.
 Im so grateful for all they have done for me and most of all have changed the lives of so many missionaries that come from some really hard home situations. I will miss them but Im excited to meet President Collado and his wife because I have Heard they are pretty great.
I know this church is true and that the Lord is always willing to help us in times of trouble and is truly aware of our every need and interest. I love all of you very much!!!

Sister Anne Pearson

Funny stories....

We were walking by a group of boys and one burped really loud in my face. At first, I was ofended. Then H. Henderson and I started laughing really hard. Only in Nicaragua.
Right before we came in a lesson I got the hiccups.  They still hadnt gone away but I decided to sing the opening hymn anyway hoping they would go away. The third Word I sang confirmed they hadnt and I had to stop singing because I was going to start laughing.Well Hermana Henderson couldnt hold back the laughter either and we both burst out laughing. Then the wife did too. The only person that didnt think it was too funny was the husband (he was kind of embarrassed for us). Luckily everyone was very happy and receptive to the spirit in that lesson.

PS Jane is such a changed woman. GORGEOUS BABE.

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