Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy April Fools!

April 1, 2013

Mom and Dad,

Well most of this letter is directed towards mom because she sent melots of questions but i included you dad because I thought youwould liketo know about some of the details. Just so you know, I LOVE YOUR LETTERS mom , and realized last week how much they mean to me. I missed hearing from you. But it was super fun to get two letters this week.

 Funny story….so I got a call from the secretary Elder Pearson this week telling me that there was a black trash bag…very sketching looking and very big brought into the office for me. Being very curious elders they started looking through the package and found 4 jars of peanut butter. The main point of the call was to ask why I needed 4 jars of peanut butter. I told the office elders that my mom thinks im too skinny and that was the point. Moral of the story is….thanks for sending me my package and so much pb. We have a meeting tomorrow in Managua with all the sisters so I think ill get it then.yup my speakers are working and thanks so much for sending the ipod! And putting music on it.

I didn’t know they had time out for girls. That sounds like a blast. And blasts from the past are the best.Thats so fun you got to hearfrom  him. Thank you so much about that comment about how we shouldbe grateful for our trials. That really was a great comment. To answer your questions. All of the missionaries in our district arein ocotal just 4 of us. We meet with our district every week and they eat lunch at the same house as us so we see them a lot. There are 10 sisters in our zone. It has grown a ton because there were only 4 when I got here. Sorry to hea rthat you were sick. I have been really healthy this past little bit and am grateful for that. Just tired most of the time but that is natural. Strange to think that Sister Marsh passed away but she must be so happy! I will miss her sweet testimonies.
 Yeah my comp wasjust in the CCM for 2weeks which is crazy to me.  One of the elders made the tshirts for us. Easter weekis hot because we are insummer. Ha I can buy normal deodorant here. But mine has lasted me. Ha im now immune to the rooster sound. 
Glad to hear you had the egg tournament again and had a wonderful easter! And the get away with dad and the girls sounded like fun. I will only see the sessions on Sunday because we are going to Esteli but cant go on Saturday.
 And yes, dad, the fried chicken is as good as KFC and they serve it with french fries. Yes. Be jealous.
Another funny story.....first background many homes they have a bunch of random clothes that they sell to get extra. In the middleof a lesson this week i saw a university of utah hat and thought, i  should buy that to take a picture to send to dad even though its a sin. then i realized it was one of the half BYU half u of u hats and thought i HAVE TO buy that for sure. at the end of thelesson i askedif they were selling the clothes. they send no and that the clothes were scattered because they were in the middle of moving. what a shame. but there is u of u and byu pride in nicaragua even if they dont know it.

Well I LOVEYOU and miss you parents,


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